Clinics & Private Instruction

Photo by R. W. FirthDuring the years Terry spent at Rico International, he was a chief architect of the Rico Select Jazz, and Grand Concert Select saxophone reed designs.  

Because of his scientific knowledge of reed and mouthpiece design & manufacture, coupled with the insights from his extensive professional performing experience, he is uniquely skilled at optimizing woodwind artists' tone quality and playing comfort.

His artist clientele includes the great historic figures of the saxophone, and he has presented Master Classes on woodwind tone production at the world's most prominent music schools, conventions, and festivals.


Artist Clientele 

• Michael Brecker

• Stanley Turrentine

• Jerry Bergonzi

• Bob Berg

• Pharoah Sanders

• George Coleman

• Charles Lloyd

• Lew Tabackin

• Bennie Wallace

• Benny Golson

• Ronnie Cuber


Master Class Clientele 

• The New England Conservatory (Boston, Massachusetts)

• The Berklee School of Music (Boston, Massachusetts)

• The New School (New York City)

• The University of North Texas (Denton, Texas)

• New York University (New York City)

• The University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Colorado)

• The Paris Conservatory (CNMF, Paris, France)

• The Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

• The Royal Conservatory of Music (Stockholm, Sweden)

• The Royal Academy of Music (London, United Kingdom)

• The National Conservatories (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain)

• The Montery Jazz Festival (Monterey, California)

• Hamamatsu Festival & Academy (Hamamatsu, Japan)

• The International Association of Jazz Educators

• Music Educators' National Conference (Washington, D.C.)

• Texas Music Educators' Association

• Colorado Music Educators' Association

• California Music Educators' Association


Artist Testimonials

"You've helped me more than any of my surgeons were able to."      --Michael Brecker, on his health-related saxophone airstream issues  


"I wish John (Coltrane) could have met you.  His whole life, he struggled so much with his sound and equipment, and I'm positive you'd have been able to solve all that for him.  And I know he would have loved you."   --Pharoah Sanders


"Over the years, Terry has tirelessly worked behind the scenes for hundreds of  saxophone and woodwind artists, inculding myself.  He's made our musical lives so much easier through his knowledge of the technical aspects of creating woodwind sound--airstream, instruments, mouthpieces, reeds--you name it."           --George Young



Please contact Terry to schedule an individual consultation, to present a Woodwind Tone Production Master Class to your organization, or to have him rehearse and maximize your ensemble.