1. 0:00

    Tempo a Bessa (from Amazonas)

  2. 0:00

    Theme from Cuba (from Amazonas)

  3. 0:00

    Flor Delicada (from Amazonas)

  4. 0:00

    Hoot's Tango (from Amazonas)

  5. 0:00

    Lluvia (demo)

  6. 0:00

    S'posin' I Do (demo)

  7. 0:00

    Mago Mago (Jeri Jhetto, from Illegal Alien)

  8. 0:00

    Bendito (demo by Alex Carballo. T. Landry: all saxes, piccolo solo)

  9. 0:00

    Some O' Dat! (Composed, arranged, and all sax parts played by T. Landry;

Saxophonist T. Landry has devoted his life to the pursuit of the perfect saxophone sound. He would be the last to say he's achieved it -- but listeners to his debut CD Amazonas might beg to differ.

Not content merely to mimic the sounds of his heroes, Landry decided years ago to learn everything there was to know about the art and science of saxophone sound. His studies led him not only to becoming a prime Los Angeles session player -- appearing with Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Gerald Wilson, Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Celia Cruz, and many others -- but also to work as a product designer and acoustical consultant for top musical instrument manufacturers. Landry has served as tone production guru to the jazz world's most legendary saxophonists, showing them how to achieve the sounds they've always searched for. His seminars on saxophone sound have won him devotees in conservatories throughout the US, Japan and Europe.

Only natural, then, for T. Landry to flex his own muscular saxophone sound, and team with legendary audiophile producer Joe Harley and Sony’s stunning Direct Stream Digital/Super Audio CD (SACD) format to create Amazonas, his debut recording as a solo artist.

Amazonas is a hypnotic blend of tropical rhythms & textures, passionate Latin melodies, modern harmony, and brawny tenor saxophone. Elegant and refreshing, Landry's unique, hybrid "Cool Latin" style -- powerful, substantive, yet deeply seductive -- is easily embraced by a wide variety of audiences.

The masterpiece of the CD is Hoot’s Tango, which Landry wrote to reflect his sadness upon the passing of his friend and idol Stanley Turrentine. Also of note are the radio-friendly tracks Tempo a Bessa and Amazonas. Deeper jazz cuts include Patrick Williams’ Theme from “Cuba" and Steve Grossman’s Katonah, and the lovely ballad Flor Delicada.

To record Amazonas, producer Joe Harley assembled an elite technical crew with impeccable audiophile credentials, including engineer Mike Ross and mastering sage Bernie Grundman, and opted to record live to stereo using Sony’s Direct Stream Digital format, with no inserts or overdubs. The results are breathtaking: Amazonas sparkles with a spontaneous ebullience only live recording can capture. The Sony DSD recording process documents the band's exciting performance with extraordinary clarity and warmth -- and none of the shrillness commonly associated with digital recordings. As saxophonist Bennie Wallace notes, "The ‘A-team’ of Harley, Ross, and Grundman gives Amazonas state-of-the-art sonics."

The allure of Amazonas, however, goes beyond spectacular audiophile reproduction. It is music of extraordinary harmonic depth and sophistication, created by world-class jazz musicians, yet has uncanny appeal to a mass audience. It is intellectual and passionate, warm and comforting, nocturnal and haunting. Amazonas is a timely, exquisite reminder of our profound humanity.