Artist Commentary

What the Legends of Jazz Say

Photo by R.W. Firth

"Amazonas is a moving album from a great saxophone player.  Terry Landry has a bright future ahead of him." --Michael Brecker

 Photo by R.W. Firth

"When I first met John Coltrane, he was such a gentle, spiritual man that he almost didn’t strike me as even being a musician.  Then when I heard him play, I was completely shocked; I was amazed at the totality of his strength and of his humanity.

I got this same feeling and sense when I got to know Terry Landry. He has that same quiet, spiritual strength, and helped me a lot with his thorough knowledge about saxophone sound.  Then I heard him play-- his concept, chord changes, a full, unique sound, spirituality, his writing -- the whole picture--I had no idea he could play like that.

As someone with a lifelong fascination with sound, I know how much work and study goes into getting a sound like his.  He has a sound like no one else in the world; so pure, smooth, gentle, personal, powerful and honest.  He is truly a great player."                --Pharoah Sanders

 Photo by R. W. Firth

"Amazonas is masterful!  From beginning to end, this CD, with its hypnotic grooves, is a great setting for Terry's broad-sounding tenor. The music is very articulate and accessible, giving Terry a chance to make very sophisticated music attractive and warm.  I especially like his warm, "woofy" lower register approach to the saxophone.  This CD should be received with open arms. Outstanding playing throughout!"   --Jerry Bergonzi




"As a saxophone player, while listening to Terry Landry play, he has a lot to say to me; thus, he’s got a lot to say to you!  The man is a wild beast, and yet a passionate lover, and all things in between.  Be prepared for a treat!"  --Benny Golson


"T. Landry's wonderful new CD Amazonas is refreshingly different from most. One of the reasons is the harmonic depth of the music, which offers great improvisational freedom.  Mr. Landry and the group take full advantage.

The title tune, Amazonas, and Hoot's Tango, dedicated to the late, great Stanley Turrentine, showcase Mr. Landry's formidable composing skills.  Katonah is an excellent improvisational vehicle for Terry and the band and adds a lot of excitement to the CD.

Many of the young players of today heavily rely on the upper register of the saxophone, whereas Terry has a smooth and resonant sound throughout the entire horn, even in the lower register, which he utilizes fully and very musically.  This is exceptional today, and gratifying to hear.

I think Terry has a bright future in jazz and this CD bears testimony to that.  It is well worth listening to."      --George Coleman


"Upon listening to Amazonas, I got the sense Terry is heir to the lyrical & melodic legacy of Stan Getz, but with a masculine, modern New York-style edge.

I like his deep harmonic scheme, and his sound is very rich, warm & personal.  This CD is excellent musically, and the audiophile recording is extraordinarily clear & clean.  Keep an eye on this guy, you’re going to hear great things from him!"      --Arthur Blythe


"If you could marry the tenor saxophone sounds of Stan Getz, Paul Gonsalves and Gato Barbieri you might end up with a sound like T. Landry's.  Terry's debut recording, Amazonas, represents everything I love about music and saxophone playing.  This man could blow down an oak tree with his sound - but he uses his strength to the best possible end: to create beautiful music."      --Walt Weiskopf